February 12, 2010


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I was fortunate to crew for Bruce Campbell on Limelight V. Bruce lived on a Trimaran next to his 35 foot racing Catamaran in False Creek opposite Granville Island - a million dollar setting!

With the boards up, LL5 only drew 10 inches.

With a beam of 18 feet, this cat had quite a bit of area.

It only took about 15 minutes to enter English Bay for a race from the dock.
I remember riding the windward hull which was about 5 feet above the water when conditions were just right.

Overnight races were always exciting but hard on skipper and crew.
As you sailed into the darkness, you had no idea what was ahead.

LL5 sailed faster than the wind at times and did over 20 knots with a good breeze.
The 80's were an exciting time of change for multis as new designs were always coming off the drawing boards.  Below is a look at the multihull racing scene in the 1980's. Going fast is fun!